Board & Committees

Below are the current Board and Chair Members. If you would like to contact any of the people below please use our contact form and select the appropriate category. Your message will be routed to the correct board member.

Board Members

President: Barbara Rottman
Vice President & Advertising Chair: Cynthia Robey-Duncomb
Secretary: Connie Burmeister
Treasurer: Susan Hardcorn

Community Projects Chair:  Rae Sprague
Knit-In Chair: Stacy Parenteau
Library Chair: Amanda Haynes
Membership Chair: Carol Spiegel
Program Chair: Mary Jo Harris
Special Events Chair:  Jane Grogan

Committee Chairs and Individual Positions

Hospitality: Jordan Pitzner
KAL: Nancy Hilmanowski
Knit-Aid: Liz Avery & Sylvie Schuresko
Neighborhood Knits Chair: Sandy Gordon
Newsletter Chair: Stephanie Billmeyer
Publicity/Marketing Chair: Mae Knowles
Website/Communications Chair: Carrie Hafele

Job Duties

Areas of responsibility and job duties for MKG committees are described below.


  • Solicit annual advertisers for website and newsletter
  • Solicit additional advertising for newsletter
  • Schedule vendors for Guild meetings (Sept-April)
  • Update website with advertiser and vendor information
  • Provide Vendor articles for newsletter (Sept-April)
  • Provide Advertiser articles for newsletter
  • Liaison to the local yarn shops, fiber producers, hand dyers, etc.

Community Projects

Volunteer Opportunities:  Volunteer as your schedule allows, once or regularly
At Home tasks-
Add yarn ties to paper tags 
  • Look for free pattern for use in newsletter
  • Mend or finish a project
  • Test a new pattern or make a sample for community table
  • Submit pattern for kits and newsletter
  • Test a new pattern or make a sample of published pattern
  • Write newsletter article
At Guild Meetings-
  • Assist at Community Table at a meeting (set up, collect donations, give out kits, pack up)  16 volunteers needed per meeting
  • Assist with December Sale (set up, cashier, trouble shoot, pack up, etc.)
Work Parties-usually Saturday or Monday mornings
  • Prepare Ready-to-Knit Kits, donations for delivery, etc.
  • Prepare yarn and notions for December Sale (bagging, pricing, etc.)
  • Deliver knit items to local agency
  • Occasional or one time pick up of donations
  • Solicit donations of supplies

Teaching Adults or Children to Knit

  • Join us for a fun and rewarding time teaching new knitters.  You will be supported by others with strategies and materials provided.  Times vary with requests.
  • We anticipate assisting two grade school clubs (Emerson and Lowell), elementary afterschool program and grandmothers at Bayview Community Center.
  • Signing up is not a commitment. You will be contacted as soon as dates are known. You can sign up for one session or more.


  • Arrange and secure speakers’ needs.
  • Work with Advertising & Publicity and Newsletter Committees as needed.
  • Confirm photo and/or videotaping permission with speakers.
  • Arrange and deliver (or delegate) speaker introduction and/or book signing.

Vendor Liaison:

  • Work with facility regarding room setup.
  • Arrange door prizes.
  • Secure vendors for MKG meetings.


  • Staff the Hospitality Table: Welcome meeting attendees, facilitate door prize sign-up, distribute and collect event registrations, provide directions, sell fundraising items, and distribute advertising flyers.
  • Show and tell: Encourage participation, organize sign-up, collect project information slips.
  • End of Year Party: Arrange catering and organize the member sale (an opportunity for members to sell knitting-related items from their personal collections).
  • Organize the Brown Bag Exchange: Each October, participants bring yarn appropriate for the chosen project type in an opaque bag, then trade bags with another participant.  All participants take a bag of yarn home, knit the designated project, and bring it to the May meeting.  The person who submitted the yarn receives a project made from the same yarn.


  • Coordinate Event
    • Schedule
    • Location
    • Programming/Teachers
    • Market Vendors
    • Catering
    • Special Events and Parties
  • Registration/Hospitality
  • Free Learning Sessions & Demos
  • Publicity
    • Advertise event
  • Decorations
  • Door Prizes



Library Chair:

  • Physically organize library materials.
  • Perform annual inventory with assistance from Librarian.
  • Responsible for storage of library holdings and other MKG property.
  • Set up and tear down library for MKG meetings.
  • Assist librarian as needed.
  • Review library contents and discuss with the board any items suggested for removal.
  • Assist acquisitions chair with selection of new materials.


  • Keep records – track inventory and check-in/check-out records.
  • Assist library chair with annual inventory.
  • Send reminders to members who have checked out items before each meeting.
  • Provide updated inventory lists at meetings for members to reference as needed.
  • Provide updated inventory lists for MKG website as needed.
  • Review library contents and discuss with the board any items suggested for removal.


  • Review library holdings and upcoming speaker schedule, then make recommendations for purchasing new materials.
  • Send out request for bid to MKG advertisers and place orders.
  • Responsible for acquisition budget.


  • Prepare and distribute name tags.
  • Prepare and provide membership cards.



  • Make and confirm agreements with speakers for monthly guild meetings and Neighborhood Knits
  • Coordinate travel, meals, lodging and ground transportation for guest speakers while in Madison
  • Facilitate booking arrangements with local shops and/or guilds to share travel, accommodation and speaker costs
  • Publicize speakers and Neighborhood Knits through newsletter (pre and post meeting), MKG website, etc
  • Prepare slides for guild meetings to promote speakers and Neighborhood Knits
  • Assist guest speaker with arrangements to display samples and/or sign books


  • Produce Knitters' Knews newsletter (monthly Sept-May, plus a Summer issue) and distribute to members approximately 1 week prior to each meeting.
  • Work with the board members, committee chairs and members to obtain newsletter content (articles, data, photos, etc.). Content includes but is not limited to information on upcoming MKG meetings and special events, community projects, as well as provide meeting minutes, financial reports and other knitting-related news.
  • Volunteers are welcome to help gather content; write/format/edit articles; format photos/graphics; send newsletter via email; and print/mail hard copies to members without access to email. 

Special Events

  • Plan and prepare:
    • Stitches bus trip
    • January Holiday Party
    • UFO (Unfinished Objects) Retreat
    • Knitting Safari
    • May Fashion Show/Potluck
    • Library exhibit and other exhibits as needed
    • Knit-Out for Knit In Public Day
    • Other special events as needed

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