2014 Knit-In Teachers

Kathy Digman

Kathy has been knitting for over 50 years and is still learning from fellow knitters and students. During these years Kathy became a Master Knitter through the Knitting Guild of America, was one of four founders and first president of the Windy City Knitting Guild in Chicago, and as a 20 year member of the Madison Knitters’ Guild has also been a speaker and teacher. Kathy never ceases to be amazed by the creativity and new directions the art and craft of knitting continually presents.


Mary Germain

Mary has been a knitter most of her life, has been teaching knitting, weaving, and other fiber arts since 1983, and was owner of The Wool Works, a yarn shop in Milwaukee, from 1985-1996.  Inspired by a Latvian friend, Mary published a pattern on Latvian knitting in Piecework magazine. Trips to Latvia in 2001 and 2005 and Estonia in 2005 and 2013 provided Mary with more knitting inspiration.  Mary has self-published several books (some together with Sandy De Master) and teaches throughout the Midwest, including at Sievers School of Fiber Arts since 1999.  Farther abroad, Mary has made trips to both coasts to present classes on Latvian Mittens.


Victoria Jicha

In 2008 Victoria Jicha became the first Knitting Guild Association certified Master Hand Knitter in the state of Wisconsin. Before that her background was a musical one; she taught at DePaul University and Wheaton College in Illinois and free-lanced on flute and harpsichord throughout the greater Chicago area. She was the Editor of Flute Talk magazine from 2001 to 2010.

A move to Green Bay turned her career in a new direction to teaching knitting and designing for a local yarn shop. Her life-long teaching career provides the experience to give knitting students the information they require in invigorating class sessions.


Kirsti Johanson

Kirsti has been knitting since 2004. When she is not holding the needles, she can be found hiking, camping, paddling, snowshoeing, enjoying musical theatre, and making up new things to stitch. In her real life grown up job, she is the Artistic Director at MadCAP school of the arts in Madison, WI, where she lives with her husband, piano, and lots and lots of wool.

Kirsti has been published in Spin Off Magazine, Jane Austen Knits, 101 Lace One Skein Wonders, and has self-published her first book, Chawton Cottage Collection.  Find her patterns & thoughts on knitting at travellingstitchsisters.com, Twitter [@kjerstie], Tumblr, instagram, and on Ravelry [Kjerstie].



Joan McGowan-Michael

Joan McGowan-Michael is the founder of White Lies Designs knitting patterns and the author of Knitting Lingerie Style (STC-2007). The thread that runs through all of Joan’s work is the celebration of romance and the feminine form. She believes that all women are beautiful no matter what their size and strives to help enhance that beauty through the clothing she designs. All of her styles are available in a wide range of sizes from petite to plus. See more at www.whiteliesdesigns.com.




Sara Jane McGregor

Sara is a long-time member of MKG.  Knitting is her first passion.  However, about 3 years ago she discovered a very interesting new form of meditative art, Zentangle.  It calms, relaxes and yet challenges all at the same time.  Just what the doctor ordered!  (It hasn't replaced the knitting by any means!) In October 2013 she traveled to Rhode Island to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher, now ready to share her newest passion with knitting friends.  Sara was a kindergarten teacher in Platteville before she retired and still carries "need to teach gene."




Carol Rhoades

Carol has taught knitting and hand spinning throughout the U.S. and abroad for many years. Her particular interest is in the traditional knitted garments of Scandinavia and Britain.  She has also studied and written about primitive wools and how they are spun for garment knitting. Carol has published many articles in Spin-Off magazine and also writes for PieceWork. She has translated a number of Scandinavian knitting, crochet and weaving books into English from Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian.


Cheryl Stegert

Cheryl learned to knit during the measles, crochet during the chicken pox and tat during the mumps -- those were the days! "Amazing how something so simple as yarn and a needle can create such a variety of utilitarian and decorative and industrial products!" Cheryl has always been interested in learning new techniques and how techniques evolved in various cultures.

She wrote a term paper on how the loom was the first computer. Combining her love of technology with fiber -- oh my. Because of my love of pattern, keeping track of rows and shaping was always a challenge, so when KnitCompanion was discovered, my knitting and other fiber art production also increased and has been much happier in both!

She has been teaching knitting, spinning and weaving for over 30 years at Yarns by Design in Neenah, Complex Weavers, Convergence, and local knitting guilds. Knitting techniques and getting knitters comfortable with pattern "suggestions" rather than instruction has been her goal. She recently participated in Spinzilla. Her weaving skills range from small weave-its and rigid heddle to drawloom.

When she is not doing something with fiber, she is working on her genealogy, reading, biking, canoeing, kayaking or fishing. And yes, she has managed to take a rigid heddle loom in a Duluth pack to the fishing camp in Canada!

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