The Rewards of Membership

Membership in the MKG entitles you to a subscription to our Knitting Knews newsletter, which is published nine times a year.

MKG has an extensive library, including books, magazines, instructional DVDs, etc. The library is available at each meeting and only members have borrowing privileges.
Another benefit of membership is the ability to register early and at a discounted rate for Guild-sponsored activities, including:

  • Knit Out at the Farmer’s Market
  • Winter Retreat (UFO)
  • Knit-In
  • Knitting Safari
  • World Wide Knit In Public Day
  • Stitches Bus
  • Vogue Live! Bus

In addition, many local yarn stores offer discounts with your MKG membership card.

Membership Dues

Annual dues are $25. Membership runs from September until May. These fees include a subscription to the Knitters' Knews.

We welcome guests to our meetings. After you have been a guest at one of our meetings, we ask that you join the Guild at the next meeting you attend.

Membership Application

Payment can be made via PayPal, Credit Card (in PayPal), or by check.

** Membership is closed for the year and will open again around July 1st for the 2015-2016 year. **

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