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See below for the Guild Events calendar. All events are provided or sponsored by MKG.

Cancellation Policy: There is no refund on fees. While we understand that circumstances may arise that cause your plans to change, we are unable to make exceptions to our cancellation policy. We offer a forum where you can post notices to find a substitute. 

Upcoming events

    • 11/09/2020
    • (CST)
    • 05/10/2021
    • (CDT)
    • 2 sessions
    • Madison Knitters' Guild
    • 28
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    "There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope." -Barnard Williams

    The theme for the Brown Bag exchange this year will be "Sunrise and Hope" to be interpreted however you wish! 

    This year is going to work a little differently, since we aren't able to meet in person we have partnered with several local yarn shops to help complete the exchange.

    Participating shops are:
    The Sows Ear

    DMarie Knit and Fiber

    Kaleidoscope Fibers

    Spry Whimsey

    How it will work:

    1-Purchase your yarn: Visit or call one of the participating shops to pick 200-400 yards of yarn of your choice. Tell them you are participating in the BBE when you complete your purchase, there will be $5 added to your purchase to cover shipping and they will take care of packaging and sending the yarn to your partner. We have changed the yarn requirements for this year, please be sure to purchase enough yarn for your partner to complete an accessory for you. A handy chart for estimating yarn requirements by weight and project type can be found here

    2-Register for the BBE: Complete your registration on our website. Include the following information: Any allergies, which store you purchased yarn from and anything else we need to be aware of when we match you up. Registration will be open from October 14th through November 9th. Yarn must be purchased prior to the 9th so the vendors can begin shipping that week.

    3- Knit! Projects should be completed by May 2021. We will keep you updated on the plan to exchange finished projects in the spring.

    Please send any questions to 

    We look forward to seeing your beautiful work, happy knitting!


    • 04/20/2021
    • (CDT)
    • 05/04/2021
    • (CDT)
    • 2 sessions
    • via zoom
    • 0
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    Knitting Outside the Box Series

    Playing Nice Together:

    Combining Different Yarns Effectively

    Presented by Lisa Louie


    Make your knitting more fun and visually appealing by learning how to combine different types of textures, fibers, and colored yarns in your pieces. This workshop will help you explore new possibilities by mixing fibers in ways you may never have considered. By thinking outside the box,  you can have more fun creating and wearing your work. Begin your exploration by combining different yarns in class and gaining the knowledge to experiment on your own later. Combining yarns and fibers gives you infinite options. 

    Supplies needed:

    1 50g or larger skein of smooth solid-colored dk or worsted yarn (remains from a project are fine)

    4 or more golf-ball- size or larger amounts of various yarns such as novelty yarns, textured yarns,  a variety of different fibers,  boucle, or thick and thin yarns.  Leftovers from other projects are fine. You can use a variety of weights also.

    Appropriate sized knitting needles, scissors, usual knitting implements.

    This workshop is 2 two-hour classes. First class discusses how fibers act and react when combined, and has students start work with basic samples. Students will also explore options for using these ideas in garments and accessories. Second class expands on samples students create, gives them ideas for other possibilities including art and other options,  and discusses their progress between classes.

    Skill Level:

    - appropriate for beginners, must be able to knit and purl with ease.

    Instructor:   Lisa Louie

    The RoundTable format.

    Members will enter the meeting on mute.

    The session will begin with a mini-lecture on the topic by the Instructor. 

    We ask participants to mute their mic during this segment.

    During the lecture segment, use the Chat function on Zoom to write down any questions that pop in your head. 

    After the lecture segment, the Instructor will review the questions in the Chat and open the RoundTable to discussion by the participants. 

    An Instructor may email a handout before class to define the discussion or suggest a “homework” to try out a technique that will be discussed during the RoundTable.

    Please remember that a RoundTable is an academic discussion. We ask that all participants stay on topic and respect the opinions of other participants.

    Zoom link will be sent in receipt for class registration.

    • 04/22/2021
    • 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM (CDT)
    • Zoom
    • 21

    As we continue our virtual 2020-2021 Guild Year, we're missing the opportunity to meet, discuss projects, and generally connect. 

    These Knitting Together sessions aim to provide a (virtual) way to get together. Join these general knitting (or crochet) get-togethers to chit-chat and craft with your fellow MKG members.

    • 04/27/2021
    • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (CDT)
    • Zoom
    • 16

    As we continue our virtual 2020-2021 Guild Year, we're missing the opportunity to meet, discuss projects, and generally connect. 

    These Knitting Together sessions aim to provide a (virtual) way to get together. Join these general knitting (or crochet) get-togethers to chit-chat and craft with your fellow MKG members.

    • 05/10/2021
    • 6:30 PM - 8:45 PM (CDT)
    • Zoom

    Carol Milne

    Carol Milne received a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Guelph, Canada in 1985, but realized in her senior year that she was more interested in sculpture than landscape.  She has been working as a sculptor ever since.  

    After casting iron around glass in graduate school, she experimented with many materials:  clay, bronze, concrete, wood, glass, epoxy, fiberglass, mosaic and found objects.  In 2000, she seriously returned to glass and has been working primarily with glass ever since.  

    Carol is the lone pioneer in the field of knitted glass.   Pushing the limits of her material through persistent and relentless experimentation, determined to combine her passion for knitting with her love for cast glass sculpture, she developed a variation of the lost wax casting process to cast knitted work in glass.


    The May 2021 newsletter will have more information.

Past events

04/13/2021 Knitting Together
04/12/2021 April Guild Meeting
04/11/2021 Fixing Mistakes in Brioche - Faina Goberstein
04/11/2021 Woven Slip-Stitch Knitting - Faina Goberstein
04/10/2021 Shades of Amber Cowl - Faina Goberstein
04/10/2021 Slip-Stitch Beyond Mosaic - Faina Goberstein
04/08/2021 Knitting Together
03/30/2021 Knitting Together
03/25/2021 Knitting Together
03/16/2021 Knitting Together
03/11/2021 Knitting Together
03/08/2021 March Guild Meeting
03/02/2021 Knitting Together
02/15/2021 Virtual Knitting Meeting
02/10/2021 Neighborhood Knits - RoundTable - Art meets Craft - Stripes
02/08/2021 February Guild Meeting
02/01/2021 Virtual Knitting Meeting
01/26/2021 Anyone Can Knit - RoundTable
01/18/2021 Virtual Knitting Meeting
01/16/2021 Neighborhood Knits - RoundTable - Freeform Workshop
01/11/2021 January Guild Meeting
01/10/2021 Darn It - Bristol Ivy
01/10/2021 Brioche: The Next Level - Bristol Ivy
01/09/2021 Short Rows - Bristol Ivy
01/09/2021 Introduction to Brioche - Bristol Ivy
01/04/2021 Virtual Knitting Meeting
12/21/2020 Virtual Knitting Meeting
12/17/2020 Virtual Knitting Meeting
12/15/2020 Virtual Knitting Meeting
12/14/2020 December Guild Meeting
12/07/2020 Virtual Knitting Meeting
12/03/2020 Neighborhood Knits - RoundTable - Knitting Socks that Fit
12/03/2020 Virtual Knitting Meeting
12/02/2020 Virtual Knitting Meeting
11/23/2020 Virtual Knitting Meeting
11/19/2020 Virtual Knitting Meeting
11/17/2020 Virtual Knitting Meeting
11/09/2020 November Guild Meeting
11/04/2020 Virtual Knitting Meeting
10/27/2020 United We Knit - Tuesday Session
10/24/2020 United We Knit - Saturday Session
10/21/2020 Westside Donation Drop-Off
10/20/2020 Virtual Knitting Meeting
10/12/2020 October Guild Meeting
10/11/2020 Keith's Tips and Tricks - Keith Leonard
10/11/2020 Flawless Finishing - Keith Leonard
10/10/2020 Flawless Finishing Advanced - Keith Leonard
10/10/2020 Flawless Finishing - Keith Leonard
10/07/2020 Virtual Knitting Meeting
10/03/2020 Eastside Donation Drop-Off
09/24/2020 Virtual Knitting Meeting
09/14/2020 September Guild Meeting
09/03/2020 Virtual Knit Night
08/31/2020 Virtual Knit Night
08/24/2020 Virtual Knit Night
08/19/2020 Community Projects Donation Drop-off - West Side
08/19/2020 Virtual Knit Night
08/01/2020 Community Projects Donation Drop-off - East Side
07/15/2020 Community Projects Donation Drop-off - West Side
07/04/2020 Community Projects Donation Drop-off - East Side
06/17/2020 Community Projects Donation Drop-off - West Side
03/09/2020 March Guild Meeting
02/10/2020 February Guild Meeting
02/10/2020 February MKG Meeting Sign-up With Guest Speaker Stephen West
02/09/2020 Color Play the WestKnits Way-Stephen West
02/08/2020 Shawl Evolution-Stephen West
02/07/2020 Shapify-Stephen West
01/13/2020 January Guild Meeting
01/12/2020 Anne Podlesak:Top-Down Yoke Sweater
01/11/2020 Anne Podlesak-Color Theory for Crafters
01/11/2020 The Yarn Whisperer-Anne Podlesak
01/10/2020 Winter Retreat 2020
12/21/2019 Neighborhood Knits - Single Color Brioche
12/12/2019 Neighborhood Knits - Cast On & Cast Off Techniques
12/10/2019 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Entrelac
12/09/2019 December Guild Meeting
11/23/2019 Neighborhood Knits - Basics of Double Knitting
11/11/2019 November Guild Meeting
11/03/2019 Neighborhood Knits - 3 Ways to Create a Buttonhole
11/03/2019 Neighborhood Knits - Learn Fair Isle with Simple Mitts
11/03/2019 Neighborhood Knits - Gauge and Substitutions
10/26/2019 Neighborhood Knits - Portuguese Knitting
10/18/2019 Yarn and Hops 2019
10/14/2019 October Guild Meeting
10/14/2019 Brown Bag Exchange: Inspired by Nature
10/08/2019 Neighborhood Knits - Beyond the Basics
09/09/2019 September Guild Meeting
08/03/2019 Stitches Midwest 2019
07/05/2019 Summer Music in the Park
06/14/2019 Stitch 'n Pitch with the Mallards
06/10/2019 Summer Knitting
05/13/2019 May Guild Meeting--Members Only
05/11/2019 Neighborhood Knits - All about Short Rows
05/11/2019 Neighborhood Knits - Reviewing Fundamentals
05/11/2019 Neighborhood Knits - Make a Magic Ball
05/04/2019 Neighborhood Knits - Learn Steeking
04/30/2019 Neighborhood Knits - Knitting Socks that Fit
04/24/2019 Neighborhood Knits -3 Ways to Create Buttonholes
04/18/2019 Neighborhood Knits - Reviewing Fundamentals
04/09/2019 Neighborhood Knits - Lace: How to Read a Chart with Barbara Rottman
04/08/2019 April Guild Meeting
04/08/2019 Member Stash Sale 2019
04/07/2019 KAL: Lace (& Lace-ness)
03/15/2019 MKG Knit-In 2019
03/11/2019 March Guild Meeting
02/28/2019 50th Anniversary Tours at the Helen Louise Textile Collection
02/17/2019 KAL: Lace (& Lace-ness)
02/11/2019 February Guild Meeting
01/20/2019 KAL: Lace (& Lace-ness)
01/14/2019 January Guild Meeting
01/11/2019 Winter Retreat 2019
12/16/2018 KAL: Lace (& Lace-ness)
12/10/2018 December Guild Meeting
12/08/2018 Introduction to Brioche
12/08/2018 Introduction to Brioche
11/18/2018 KAL: Lace (& Lace-ness)
11/15/2018 Cast On!
11/12/2018 November Guild Meeting--Members Only
11/11/2018 Lace from the Inside Out- Romi Hill
11/11/2018 LaceHacker- Romi Hill
11/10/2018 Lace & Cable Surgery - Romi Hill
11/10/2018 Introduction to Steeking
11/10/2018 Shapely Shawls -Romi Hill
11/07/2018 Cast On!
10/28/2018 All Thumbs - Variations for Mittens
10/27/2018 Introduction to Color Knitting
10/24/2018 Mitered Square Basics with Sandy Gordon
10/23/2018 Introduction to Steeking
10/21/2018 2018-2019 KAL: Lace (& Lace-ness)
10/13/2018 Yarn and Hops
10/10/2018 Mitered Square Basics with Sandy Gordon
10/08/2018 October Guild Meeting--Members Only
10/08/2018 Socktastic Stitch Patterns - JC Briar
10/08/2018 Slick Set-In Sleeves - JC Briar
10/07/2018 Lace That Grows - JC Briar
10/07/2018 Mapping Lace Scarves - JC Briar
09/26/2018 Entrelac Basics with Sandy Gordon -
09/20/2018 Bind Offs: firm, loose, stretchy
09/16/2018 2018-2019 KAL: Lace (& Lace-ness)
09/10/2018 September Guild Meeting
08/04/2018 STITCHES MIDWEST 2018
07/09/2018 Summer Knitting
07/06/2018 Summer Music in the Park
06/19/2018 Entrelac Basics with Sandy Gordon -
06/13/2018 Short Rows – How to execute and implement - with Kim Langley-
06/11/2018 Summer Knitting
05/19/2018 Cast On! - Useful Cast On Techniques -
05/14/2018 May Guild Meeting--MEMBERS ONLY
04/28/2018 Learn Steeking! -
04/14/2018 Short Rows – How to execute and implement - with Kim Langley-
04/09/2018 April Guild Meeting-MEMBERS ONLY
04/08/2018 Knit a Square, Create a Cuddly Creature
04/08/2018 Edgings/Flowers/Embellishments
04/07/2018 Fantastic French Cord (aka:I-Cord)
04/07/2018 Knitting Block by Block
03/16/2018 MKG Knit-In 2018
03/12/2018 March Guild Meeting
02/12/2018 February Guild Meeting
01/19/2018 Winter Retreat 2018
01/08/2018 January Guild Meeting
12/11/2017 December Guild Meeting
12/03/2017 Bohus KAL Meeting
11/19/2017 Neighborhood Knits - Finishing help in time for the Holidays!
11/13/2017 November Guild Meeting--MEMBERS ONLY
11/13/2017 Knit Connections: Mini-Skein Swap
11/13/2017 Double Knitting Off the Grid
11/13/2017 Multi-Color Double Knitting
11/12/2017 Two Pattern Double Knitting
11/12/2017 Introduction to Double Knitting
11/05/2017 Bohus KAL Meeting
11/04/2017 Neighborhood Knits - Math for Knitters with Mary Hamel
10/24/2017 Neighborhood Knits - Mitered Squares with Sandy Gordon
10/14/2017 Neighborhood Knits - Portuguese-Style Knitting with Mary Jo Harris
10/10/2017 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Cables with Sandy Gordon
10/09/2017 October Guild Meeting- MEMBERS ONLY
10/09/2017 Neighborhood Knits - Taking our Measurements with Margy Blanchard
10/09/2017 Helen Allen Textile Collection Tour
10/09/2017 Helen Allen Textile Collection Tour
10/02/2017 Neighborhood Knits - Double Knitting with Mary Jo Harris
09/24/2017 Bohus KAL Kickoff
09/11/2017 September Guild Meeting
09/09/2017 WALK & KNIT RELAY
08/14/2017 Summer Knitting
07/17/2017 Summer Knitting
05/08/2017 May Guild Meeting -- Members Only
05/08/2017 Member Stash Sale
05/06/2017 SPRING SAFARI 2017
04/10/2017 April Guild Meeting
04/10/2017 Stories in Stitches Sampler
04/10/2017 Lithuanian Beaded Wristwarmers
04/09/2017 Knit Along (KAL) Two Color Knitting (Sweater) AND Socks
03/26/2017 Knit Along (KAL) Two Color Knitting (Sweater) AND Socks
03/17/2017 Knit-In!
03/13/2017 March Guild Meeting -- Members Only
02/22/2017 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Cables
02/19/2017 Knit Along (KAL) Two Color Knitting (Sweater) AND Socks
02/15/2017 Mad Rollin' Dolls Knitting Session 2
02/13/2017 February Guild Meeting
01/25/2017 Mad Rollin' Dolls Knitting Session 1
01/22/2017 Knit Along (KAL) Two Color Knitting (Sweater) AND Socks
01/20/2017 Winter Retreat 2017
01/09/2017 January Guild Meeting
12/12/2016 December Guild Meeting
12/11/2016 Deck the Halls
12/11/2016 Embellished Knitting
11/14/2016 November Guild Meeting
11/13/2016 Math for Knitters
11/13/2016 5 Knit Buttonholes You Need to Know Now
11/06/2016 Knit Along (KAL) Two Color Knitting (Sweater) AND Mittens
11/05/2016 Neigborhood Knits - Crochet for Knitters
10/23/2016 Knit Along (KAL) Two Color Knitting (Sweater) AND Mittens
10/17/2016 Neighborhood Knits - Mitered Squares
10/15/2016 Neighborhood Knits - Getting Started with Double-Pointed Needles
10/10/2016 October Guild Meeting -- Members Only
10/10/2016 1-Day Sequence Knitting Workshop
10/10/2016 Brown Bag Exchange: 2-Color Knitting
10/09/2016 1-Day Sequence Knitting Workshop
09/27/2016 Neighborhood Knits - Two Color Knitting
09/18/2016 Knit Along (KAL) Two Color Knitting (Sweater) AND Mittens
09/12/2016 September Guild Meeting
09/10/2016 WALK & KNIT RELAY
08/07/2016 Stitches Midwest
05/11/2016 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Socks - The HEEL
05/09/2016 May Guild Meeting (Members Only)
05/09/2016 Member Stash Sale
05/04/2016 Neighborhood Knits - Mitered Squares - 2016
04/29/2016 Neighborhood Knits -An Introduction to One-Color Brioche Knitting
04/27/2016 Neighborhood Knits -Introduction to Sock Darning
04/11/2016 April Guild Meeting
04/11/2016 A Taste of Lace with Andrea Jurgrau, Bad Cat Designs
04/03/2016 Knit Along (KAL) Top Down Sweater
04/02/2016 Spring Safari to the Vesterheim
03/18/2016 Knit-In 2016
03/14/2016 March Guild Meeting
03/13/2016 Knit Along (KAL) Top Down Sweater
02/21/2016 Knit Along (KAL) Top Down Sweater
02/13/2016 Mad Rollin' Dolls Knitting Session 2
02/08/2016 February Guild Meeting
01/22/2016 Winter Retreat 2016
01/13/2016 Mad Rollin' Dolls Knitting Session 1
01/11/2016 January Guild Meeting
01/10/2016 Knit Along (KAL) Top Down Sweater
12/14/2015 December Guild Meeting
12/13/2015 Knit Along (KAL) Top Down Sweater
12/09/2015 Neighborhood Knits -Mittens-Let's Knit a Little Thumb
11/30/2015 Neighborhood Knits -Ravelry 101
11/16/2015 Neighborhood Knits - Crochet an Ornament Cover
11/15/2015 Knit Along (KAL) Top Down Sweater
11/09/2015 November Guild Meeting
11/04/2015 Neighborhood Knits - Head's Up--Hat Knitting Skills
10/29/2015 Neighborhood Knits - Provisional Cast On
10/23/2015 Neighborhood Knits - Double Knitting
10/18/2015 Knit Along (KAL) Top Down Sweater
10/14/2015 Neighborhood Knits - Kitchener Secrets
10/12/2015 October Guild Meeting (Members Only)
10/12/2015 The Edge of Color
10/12/2015 Embellishing Knits
10/06/2015 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Cables - October 6, 2015
10/03/2015 Vogue Knitting Live! Chicago Bus Trip
09/19/2015 All About the Scalloped Edge: Finishing a Traditional Haapsalu Shawl or Scarf
09/19/2015 Nordic Color--Roositud, An Inlay Technique From Estonia
09/18/2015 Estonian Cuffs
09/17/2015 Traditional Estonian Mittens
09/14/2015 September Guild Meeting
08/22/2015 Secrets of the MKG Website or Everything you wanted to know but didn't know how to ask . . .
08/05/2015 Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection Private Showing
07/07/2015 Neighborhood Knits - Making Magic Balls
06/26/2015 MKG Stitch 'n Pitch with the Mallards
05/11/2015 May Guild Meeting (Members Only)
04/28/2015 Neighborhood Knits - Crochet a Snowflake
04/18/2015 Knitting Safari - Spring 2015
04/13/2015 April Guild Meeting
03/28/2015 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Socks (2 of 2)
03/21/2015 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Socks (1 of 2)
03/09/2015 March Guild Meeting
02/20/2015 2015 Knit-In
02/09/2015 February Guild Meeting
01/12/2015 January Guild Meeting
12/14/2014 Knit Along - Sweater Shaping
12/01/2014 December Guild Meeting
11/20/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Magic Loop Method for Socks
11/17/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Cables
11/16/2014 Knit Along - Casting on our Sweaters
11/10/2014 November Guild Meeting
11/10/2014 Fresh Fair Isle
11/09/2014 Scandinavian Colorwork
11/09/2014 Two Color Knitting - Let's Begin
11/05/2014 Neighborhood Knits - I-Cord Cowl: An Introduction to I-Cord (class 2 of 2)
10/29/2014 Neighborhood Knits - I-Cord Cowl: An Introduction to I-Cord (class 1 of 2)
10/25/2014 Vogue Knitting Live in Chicago
10/20/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Math for Knitters
10/19/2014 Knit Along - Checking our Swatches
10/13/2014 October Guild Meeting (Members Only)
10/13/2014 Lace Techniques
10/12/2014 The Final Touch: Finishing Class
10/10/2014 Design Master Class
09/21/2014 Knit Along - Taking our Measurements
09/08/2014 September Guild Meeting
08/11/2014 August Bonus Guild Meeting
08/09/2014 Stitches Midwest
06/28/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Summer Shawl Party
06/18/2014 MKG Stitch 'n Pitch with the Mallards
06/07/2014 Knitting Safari 2014 Minneapolis
05/31/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Portuguese-style Knitting
05/12/2014 May Guild Meeting (Members Only)
05/03/2014 Double Knitting Inside Out
04/29/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Cables
04/22/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Magic Circular Cast-On
04/19/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Mobius Cast On
04/15/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Judy's Magic Cast On
04/14/2014 April Guild Meeting
04/13/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Getting Picked Up!
04/08/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Mitered Squares
04/07/2014 Neighborhood Knits - The Essential Hat
04/05/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Jogless Knitting in the Round
03/14/2014 A Night with Franklin Habit
03/14/2014 2014 Knit-In March 14-16
03/12/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Keep Calm and Cast On - Teaching Others to Knit
03/10/2014 March Guild Meeting
02/27/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Socks (2 of 2)
02/20/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Socks (1 of 2)
02/15/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Mattress Stitch
02/10/2014 February Guild Meeting
01/22/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Principles of Color For Knitters
01/19/2014 Neighborhood Knits - Kitchener Secrets
01/13/2014 January Guild Meeting
12/09/2013 December Guild Meeting
12/08/2013 Knit Along - Fit to Flatter
11/13/2013 Neighborhood Knits - Beginning Lace
11/11/2013 November Guild Meeting
11/02/2013 Vogue Knitting Live! Bus Trip
10/14/2013 October Guild Meeting
09/09/2013 September Guild Meeting (Members Only)
08/10/2013 Stitches Midwest Bus Trip
06/12/2013 MKG Stitch 'n Pitch with the Mallards
06/01/2013 Knitting Safari - Summer 2013
05/13/2013 May Guild Meeting
05/05/2013 Neighborhood Knits - 2-Color Knitting with Ease!
04/25/2013 Neighborhood Knits - Portuguese Knitting
04/16/2013 Neighborhood Knits - Provisional Cast On
04/08/2013 April Guild Meeting
04/06/2013 Neighborhood Knits - Basic Crochet Animals
03/11/2013 March Guild Meeting
03/08/2013 2013 Knit-In
02/28/2013 Neighborhood Knits - Double Knitting
02/18/2013 Neighborhood Knits - Choices from the Beginning!
02/11/2013 February Guild Meeting
01/25/2013 UFO Retreat
01/15/2013 Neighborhood Knits - Brioche Knitting
01/14/2013 January Guild Meeting
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